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Network Engagement

  • Our Public Health Network Continues to Lift Up Humanity

    The 2016 election cycle reminds us just how contentious democratic processes can be, and historians and political scientists will study November’s election for years to come. Moving into 2017 and beyond, we will have to navigate the challenges related to the new administration’s plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, to diverge from […]

  • Collective Impact: Making Peace with the Gray Area

    This fall NNPHI sent three staff members to the Tamarack Institute’s Second Annual Collective Impact Summit in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. I was one of the lucky ones able to attend, along with my colleagues Erin Marziale and Jennifer McKeever. I learned all about collective impact among folks from a wide variety of disciplines, all […]

  • Setting the Stage for Entrepreneurial Leadership

    By their very existence, Public health institutes (PHI) are entrepreneurial organizations.  Most PHIs form alliances that use new ideas and partnerships to address public health problems and challenges.  Because of the innovative and complex nature of their work and relationships, PHI leaders and the teams that support them must be entrepreneurial.  Entire organizations must strive […]

  • Our “Distributed Capacity” and our Work Together as a Network

    The NNPHI network is an interconnected system of organizations growing and evolving towards a shared mission: improving health in the places where we live, work, and play. As a matter of practice, NNPHI and its member institutes team up to support the kind of systemic public health improvements that our communities can see and feel; […]

  • What is Cross-Sector Collaboration?

    Multi-sector/cross-sector, and public-private partnerships are critical to reaching our population health. National leaders and funders, including the Institute of Medicine, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the National Prevention Strategy, have recently underscored the need for public-private partnerships to address the social determinants of health. We bring people and organizations together NNPHI’s member institutes are […]

  • What We’ve Learned from 14 Years of the NNPHI Annual Conference

    On the mighty shoulders of members, stakeholders, funders and NNPHI staff, the last 14 years of annual conferences have showcased how PHIs work in close collaboration with state and local health departments, community-based organizations, universities, and other multi-sector partners to support the implementation of health transformation initiatives. We are more than excited to share our […]

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