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  • phPIN Webinar: Everyday Wellness for Public Health Workers

    This is the recording for the October 28 phPIN webinar with Stacey B. Plichta, ScD, CPH on October 28 at 1 pm CT. Public Health administration is a stressful job, and managing that stress is one of the keys to remaining successful and engaged at work.  Public health agencies that promote self-care for their staff […]

  • NEPHTC Systems Thinking Training for Public Health

    This resource was created following New England Public Health Training Center efforts to make Systems Thinking training accessible and impactful for health departments and public health professionals. By providing a framework for identifying and addressing the underlying causes of complex problems, this approach minimizes responding to problem symptoms and the associated unintended consequences of quick […]

  • Strategic Skill Environmental Scan

    This resource was created following partnership with Proximate Learning, LLC to conduct a rapid environmental scan of learning opportunities that are responsive to three of eight cross-cutting public health competency domains outlined in the report, Building Skills for a More Strategic Public Health Workforce: Systems Thinking, Change Management, and Persuasive Communication. The rapid environmental scan […]

  • Action Plan to Address the Opioid Epidemic in Massachusetts

    This presentation offers an overview of NNPHI member Health Resources in Action’s multi-pronged work in the opioid misuse space, including work in prevention, treatment, law enforcement, behavioral health, and systems change.This slide deck was presented by Health Resources in Action at the 2018 NatCon Annual Conference.

  • Opioid Settlement Priorities: Recommendations from the Addiction Solutions Campaign

    This resource outlines a framework for proposed funding priorities for opioid settlement funding. This list of recommendations was created by partners including NNPHI member Public Health Management Corporation. Proposed priorities for funding fall under three key areas and include money for prevention, treatment, and behavioral health and health systems strengthening work and systems change.

  • Addressing Substance Use Disorder in Chicago through Collaboration

    This presentation was made by Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago at the 2017 NNPHI Annual Conference. These slides discuss the opioid crisis in Chicago. The Chicago Department of Public Health and PHIMC collaborated on a programmatic approach for addressing substance use disorders in Chicago. The presentation addresses project achievements, opportunities and challenges.     […]

  • Definitions of Commonly Used Terms in the Opioid Crisis

    NNPHI developed this brief listing of definitions in collaboration with Health Resources in Action and Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago. While its original use was to inform several state convenings related to opioid overdose prevention, it may be a helpful resource for anyone working in this topic area. media and communication

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