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Learn to grow and thrive as a public health institute.

About The Guide

We are delighted to present the updated Modular Guide for Developing and Thriving as a Public Health Institute! Originally published in 2005, NNPHI updated the Guide in 2014 with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Guide features subject matter experts from public health institutes across the United States. It is an excellent resource for established and emerging public health institutes interested in continued growth and success.

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What to Expect

The Guide includes five modules, each supported by case studies, tools, and resources that your organization can apply to its own concepts:

Module 1: The Public Health Institute Model, NNPHI, and Stories of Public Health Institutes in Our Network

Module 2: Readiness, Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Choosing Business Strategies

Module 3: Leveraging Partnerships and Alliances

Module 4: Funding

Module 5: Organizational Development and Operational Capacity

For pre-emerging institutes

Our group wants to form a public health institute. How should we vet organizational development and business strategies?

In “Module 2.0: Readiness, Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Choosing Business Strategies,” see interviews of other public health institute CEOs to learn about their leadership approaches and discover practical strategies for the early stages of public health institute development.

Learn more about this module in a webinar hosted by Karen Minyard, Executive Director, Georgia Health Policy Center.

For Emerging Institutes

When it comes to creating new business opportunities for my public health institute, who should be on the advisory board?

In “Module 3.0: Leveraging Partnerships and Alliances” review several case studies that demonstrate time tested approaches to working with in and out of the public health field.

Learn more about this in a webinar hosted by Joe Kimbrell, CEO, Louisiana Public Health Institute.

For Established Institutes

How can we fund and sustain a thriving public health institute?

In “Module 4.0: Funding” see strategies for exploring non-traditional approaches to funding organizational support and, in turn, population health improvement. The module includes links to leading agencies in creative organizational financing.

Learn more about this in a webinar hosted by Donna Sofaer, Lead Consultant, former Vice President of New Business Development at Public Health Institute (CA)

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