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Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago

The Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago (PHIMC) enhances the capacity of public health and health care systems in Illinois to promote health equity and expand access to services. Through organizational development, system transformation, fiscal management, and program implementation, PHIMC leads efforts to strengthen public health infrastructure in Illinois.

PHIMC’s portfolio includes six programs focused on routine HIV screening, linkage to health education and care, high-impact HIV prevention services, quality assessment of Ryan White Care services, and community reentry from incarceration.

  • PHIMC has a proven track record with the following:
  • Partnerships and network development
  • Access to health care and health systems performance
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and service coordination
  • Research and policy development and implementation
  • Workforce development
  • Community assessment research to inform public health infrastructure development

One of PHIMC’s programs garnering national attention is the Community Reentry Project (CRP) – a multi-stakeholder program that supports Illinoisans living with and at highest risk for HIV as they transition from incarceration to community. PHIMC leads this project and partners with six agencies that provide a comprehensive network of supportive social and medical services at the community level.

Mission Statement

PHIMC responds to critical health challenges by improving public health capacity and enhancing healthcare systems.

  • Convening/Partnering
  • Fiscal/Administration Management
  • Health Communications & Social Marketing
  • Health Information Services
  • Population-Based Health Programs
  • Research & Evaluation
  • Training & Technical Assistance
Community Served:
Contact Information:
  • Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago
    180 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1200 Chicago, IL 60601
  • Karen Reitan, Executive Director
  • 312.629.2988

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Addressing Substance Use Disorder in Chicago through Collaboration

This presentation was made by Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago at the 2017 NNPHI Annual Conference. These slides discuss the opioid crisis in Chicago. The Chicago Department of Public Health and PHIMC collaborated on a programmatic approach for addressing substance use disorders in Chicago. The presentation addresses project achievements, opportunities and challenges.     […]

Definitions of Commonly Used Terms in the Opioid Crisis

NNPHI developed this brief listing of definitions in collaboration with Health Resources in Action and Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago. While its original use was to inform several state convenings related to opioid overdose prevention, it may be a helpful resource for anyone working in this topic area. media and communication

A Public Health Approach to Reducing Incarceration and Improving Health Outcomes

This presentation from Karen Reitan, AM, of the Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago and Fikirte Wagaw, MPH, of Public Health Consulting, LLC frames the justice system as a key area of public health transformation and explores how to adopt practices in prisons to promote good community health.