Introducing the New Public Health Learning Navigator

The Public Health Learning Navigator launched in May 2018 as an initiative of the National Coordinating Center for Public Health Trainings at NNPHI (NCCPHT) and the Public Health Learning Network (PHLN). With the generous support of the Public Health Training Centers and the de Beaumont Foundation, the Navigator has since grown to host over 85 high-quality, self-paced trainings led by subject matter experts. The topics range from public health 101, emergency risk communication, community engagement to COVID-19 contact tracing. 

Since its inception, the site has adapted to meet the public health workforce training needs. Most recently, the Navigator did this by launching a COVID-19 task force in 2020 to seek out the highest quality trainings in a number of relevant topic areas. Each training is peer-reviewed and assessed using the Quality Standards for Training Design and Delivery. These standards are designed to facilitate a rigorous peer-review which filters out approximately 44 percent of eligible trainings submitted to the site. In the past year alone, the Learning Navigator has assisted in training more than 1,500 learners, who have accessed over 700 trainings.

Now, more than ever, the Learning Navigator is adapting to meet the moment. Public Health practitioners at the national and local level urgently need access to shared knowledge, best practices, and training opportunities in the fight against COVID-19, systemic racism, and health disparities. The majority of trainings are around one hour in length and include knowledge checks, videos, and other forms of learner engagement. Two popular trainings currently on the Learning Navigator are Community Health Worker Training COVID-19 Module and Cultural Competency Program for Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response.

We are excited to announce a new offering from the Public Health Learning Navigator in the form of a subscription-based, specialized learning pathway on pertinent public health subjects, competencies, and skills to bolster the public health workforce. This new initiative from the Navigator has been developed with Health Department staff in mind and uses our research-tested quality standards to ensure each training is accessible, interactive, and learner-friendly.  All the trainings on the learning paths apply adult learning principles and utilize the latest evidence-based practices where learners can access the most recent research available. As a standard of a high quality, the trainings on the Learning Navigator provide transcripts, closed captioning, or alternative text to ensure all audiences can access the content.

The customizable learning pathway offers an array of resources like instructional videos, discussion boards, personalized coaching, and other tools from our expert team to meet the organization’s unique needs. Organizations and their learners are provided a simple online platform where each learning pathway,  training resources, and their progress can be accessed. The Learning Navigator team will provide all technical assistance in setting up and maintaining the user-friendly platform.

In order to recruit, develop, and retain the public health workforce the nation needs, they need to feel confident in their public health competencies. The new Public Health Learning Navigator makes it easy for organizations to provide their workforce with the training and tools they need to serve their communities. For more information, please contact Caitlin Moore at

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