Supporting public health initiatives with pass-through funding, as an administrative partner.

NNPHI conference-5710In our work as fiscal intermediaries (or “administrative partners”), NNPHI and its member institutes complement critical governmental public health initiatives by helping our partners to access and use resources efficiently and effectively.

A substantial percentage of NNPHI’s annual budget is obligated to member institutes through grants or contracts.

Our Work

In partnership with our member institutes, we manage grants and contracts on behalf of or in collaboration with national, state, and local public health partners.

To assure agile and efficient implementation of projects and activities, we align with member institutes and build on our long-standing relationships with government and private foundations. Our strong partnerships with member institutes yield competitive grant applications and activities, nurtured in turn by the network’s distributed capacity for high quality services.

Learn more about NNPHI’s in-house Funding programs in our Related Programs section.

What You Can Expect: Our Services

Given our reputation for using collaborative approaches in our work, government agencies, foundations, public health leaders, and other stakeholders turn to NNPHI and its member institutes for support or leadership in:

  • Assessing factors influencing grant spending.
  • Fostering opportunities for multi-institute projects.
  • Managing local or state governmental projects and programs.
  • Re-granting funds to local public health agencies, private organizations, and non-profits efficiently.
  • Supporting programs and projects financially by accepting revenues and paying expenses.

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