What is a Public Health Institute?

Public health institutes (PHIs) are nonprofit organizations that improve the public's health by fostering innovation, leveraging resources, and building partnerships across sectors, including government agencies, communities, the health care delivery system, media, and academia.  PHIs address current and emerging health issues by providing expertise in areas like:

Fiscal/Administrative Management | Population-Based Health Program Delivery | Health Policy Development, Implementation, and Evaluation | Training and Technical Assistance | Research and Evaluation | Health Information Services | Health Communications and Social Marketing | Convening/Partnering

Fiscal/Administrative Management

PHIs often serve as a fiscal agent as well as an administrative home for the management of grants and contracts on behalf of, or in collaboration with, state and local public health partners. Examples include: 

Population-Based Health Program Delivery

PHIs offer a range of capacity on current and emerging health topics. Examples include:

Health Policy Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

As independent non-profit agencies, PHIs are uniquely situated to provide non-biased analysis and engage multiple stakeholders in discussion and action. Examples include:

Training and Technical Assistance

PHIs provide training and technical assistance to communities in numerous ways, including technical assistance that supports community mobilization and sustainability for community-based organizations. Examples include:

Research and Evaluation

Many PHIs have robust and diverse research and evaluation divisions and provide programmatic evaluation, as well as translation of existing data sources to inform health programs and policy. Examples include:

Health Information Services

From health information technology to implementation of health data management systems, PHIs collaborate with multiple sectors to utlize health data to better address community health needs. Examples include:

Health Communications and Social Marketing 

PHIs have experienced communications staffs that utilize social media—as well as strong relationships with journalists—to inform policymakers, stakeholders, and he public about health initiatives and issues. Examples include: 


PHIs are uniquely situated to engage a broad range of stakeholders—from grassroots non-profits to government agencies—in discussion and action to make communities healthier.  Examples include:

While this list of competencies is not exhaustive, all PHIs demonstrate work in at least two competency areas. Please visit NNPHI's Member Directory for a complete listing of our PHIs' areas of expertise, as well as their contact information.

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