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A compendium of PHLN posters and sessions at this year’s American Public Health Association Annual (APHA) Meeting and Expo in Atlanta.

Public Health Learning Network Sessions and Posters at APHA Annual 2017 in Atlanta

August 21, 2017

Join the Public Health Learning Network at the 2017 American Public Health Association Annual (APHA) Meeting and Expo in Atlanta.

Find us in booth 716 and check out this list of all of our sessions and posters at this year’s meeting.


3272.0: Development of the Training Attributes Checklist: A Tool for Assessing Quality Training
3043.0: Designing effective visualizations of public health service delivery data to support decision-making
3092.0: Making Life Easier: Using Informatics to Prepare for and Respond to Emergencies and Disasters
3198.0: Best Practices for Training Public Health Professionals: A Guide for Planning, Promotion, Implementation and Evaluation
3273.0: Impactful Data Visualization: Promoting Health Literacy Through Infographics and a Collaborative Data Agenda
3272.0: Piloting a Uniform Chart of Accounts for State and Local Health Departments
3317.0: Case Study: Management decisions in local health departments supported by evidence from organizational network analysis
3410.0: Development of the Stock Albuterol Inhaler Training for School Personnel: A Course for Use in Pima County Schools
3337.0: Charting the Course to Public Health 3.0: Cross-sector and Interprofessional Partnerships within the Pathways to Practice Field Placement Program
4041.0: Incorporating an integrative approach to interprofessional primary healthcare education
4081.1: A Review of the Public Health Learning Network’s Needs Assessment Activities: 2014-2016
4273.0: Differences in Determinants of Health and Disease Burden among Populations Served by PHAB Accredited and Non-Accredited Public Health Agencies at the County Level
4400.0: Workforce Training Needs Panel Session
4430.0: Communities of Practice as a Workforce Development Tool
4402.0: Integrating Public Health and Health Care: Using Informatics to Improve Population Health
5049.0: Training School Nurses on Asthma Protocol in NYC
5066.0: Effects of Climate Change on Health Disparities in the Eastern Caribbean
5157.0: Using Multiple Data Sources to Assess the Health of a Network
Film: Staying Positive Project

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  • Workforce Training & Education

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