Madelyn Gustafson

Program Analyst, Climate, Crisis, and Preparedness

Milwaukee, WI

Madelyn Gustafson is a Program Analyst in the Climate, Crisis, and Preparedness (CCP) portfolio at the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI). In this role, she works on projects that support engaging and building the public health workforce through Project Firstline, PH AmeriCorps, and Public Health LEADS. She also leads the Environmental Health and Climate Workgroup where members develop resources for the network on climate as well as present their work.

Maddie’s interest for public and environmental health started with a passion of loving the outdoors. Growing up around seasonal activities with her family developed into a drive to protect the planet and living things on it. You can find her exploring Wisconsin for a cozy coffee shop, relaxing hiking trails, and good music.

Maddie received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health – Community Health Education from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. She has five years of experience managing public and environmental health programmatic work, engaging professionals in facilitating workgroups, budget management and subject matter skill.

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