NNPHI Publications

  • NNPHI Newsletter: NNPHI publishes a bi-monthly newsletter that provides member institutes; national public health partners; national, state, and local public health leaders; and other interested organizations across the country with stories of successful public health programs, innovations, funding opportunities, and upcoming events.  Explore our archived editions and sign up.
  • Press Releases: NNPHI, its member institutes, and national partners disseminate press releases on a broad range of public health topics. Visit our archived press release page to learn more.
  • NNPHI Reports: NNPHI features reports and presentations highlighting the roles of  NNPHI and its member institutes within the public health system. For reports and presentations regarding specific NNPHI programs and initiatives, please visit the Program Areas and eCatalog sections of our website.


For more information, please contact Christopher Kinabrew, Director, Government and External Affairs, at .

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