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Advancing Tobacco Prevention and Control in Rural America

Advancing Tobacco Prevention and Control in Rural America

Commercial tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease, disability, and death in the United States.  Rural communities continue to bear a disproportionate burden of tobacco-related health harms. Given the disproportionate impact commercial tobacco has had on rural communities, NNPHI assembled a team including Maine Public Health Institute (lead author), and National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, and a review committee of experts from 15 organizations.  This comprehensive report examines rates and patterns of commercial tobacco use across rural subpopulations; explores aspects of the rural context that may affect tobacco prevention and control efforts; and presents challenges and opportunities for improving rural health through tobacco prevention and control. The report highlights a variety of examples of tobacco prevention and control efforts underway in rural communities across America that can be replicated and scaled to reduce the prevalence of commercial tobacco use and improve public health.

Public health professionals, health department leaders, elected officials, and tobacco control advocates should read this report to understand the unique challenges tobacco control programs face in rural communities, identify strategies and interventions that have worked, and review recommendations to improve tobacco control efforts in rural communities across the country.

Suggested citation: Talbot JA, Williamson ME, Pearson KB et al. Advancing Tobacco Prevention and Control in Rural America. Washington, DC: National Network of Public Health Institutes; 2019.

To download the full report (75 page PDF) please select “View Resource” below.   An executive summary is also available here.



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