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Learn how to anticipate and address potential challenges during the health impact assessment process.

Optimizing Your Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Experience

July 18, 2017

The Kansas Health Institute Health Impact Assessment (HIA) team has created a practical handbook to help professionals of all experience levels to anticipate and address potential challenges during the HIA process.

The purpose of this document is to serve as a resource of practical ideas about how to:

  • Overcome challenges during the HIA process; and,
  • Incorporate HIA or its steps in community health assessments (CHA), quality improvement (QI) and foundational public health services.

This handbook includes examples from several HIAs across the country and abroad and directs readers to additional resources for guidance.

This document is designed for health impact assessment and Health in All Policies practitioners, as well as stakeholders who are engaged in improving and strengthening their public health system and services, applying for national public health accreditation, conducting CHA and/or building QI culture within their organizations.

Focus Areas:
  • Evidence to Action

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