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Models of Tribal Promising Practices: Tribal Opioid Overdose Prevention Care Coordination and Data Systems

The purpose of this brief is to feature four models of Tribal Promising Practices addressing Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and opioid overdose prevention. These models are derived from the frameworks of broader approaches which are also described here. A review of key elements of tribal care coordination and data infrastructure development strategies implemented by these models is included. Addressing the opioid epidemic requires removing barriers to prevention in American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities through culturally-relevant, comprehensive, and holistic approaches led by tribes and supported by access to data, funding, and resources. Many tribes and urban Indian organizations have led such efforts while utilizing empirically supported prevention and treatment strategies.

Highlighting Tribal Promising Practices to reduce OUD and prevent opioid overdose is a necessary first step towards healing and wellbeing. As such, this brief serves both as a resource and dissemination tool for four models of Tribal Promising Practices with a goal to reach other tribal and urban Indian communities of practice who may be exploring approaches to incorporate into their own programs. Oftentimes tribal approaches are not covered in peer-reviewed literature or other publications, limiting the opportunities to learn from practice-based evidence and the experiences of those implementing adapted versions of evidence-based practices. The intended audience for this brief includes federal, state and local agencies, funders, researchers, evaluators, and any organization or individual interested in Tribal Promising Practices that address AI/AN OUD and Opioid overdose prevention, treatment, recovery, healing, and wellbeing. Other models will be highlighted in future briefs.

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