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Learn about two member institutes efforts to advance health equity at the community and the organizational levels.

Member Webinar Presentation: Advancing Health Equity across the Network

In celebration of the successful close out of our five-year cooperative agreement (CoAg) with the HHS Office of Minority Health, our webinar, “Advancing Health Equity across the Network,” on December 15, 2015, highlighted two institutes’ efforts to advance health equity at the community and organizational levels. The webinar captured overall lessons learned and accomplishments achieved as an outcome of the CoAg, as well as NNPHI’s strategic thinking about the institutionalization of health equity.

This presentation highlights the successes of the Louisiana Public Health Institute and the Public Health Institute in their implementation and sustainability of the Community Tool for Health & Resilience In Vulnerable Environments (THRIVE) via funding awarded to NNPHI through a Cooperative Agreement with the Office of Minority Health.

View presentation.

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