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Learn how to identify and support emerging health impact assessment champions.

Health Impact Assessment Policymaker Profile

July 18, 2017

This profile features two Kansas policymakers who share their perspectives on health impact assessment (HIA) to demonstrate the value of the tool for other policymakers and to inform HIA practitioners about how to identify and support emerging HIA champions. HIA is a tool used to inform policymakers—during the decision-making process—of potential positive and negative health effects of proposed laws, programs, policies or regulations.

The Kansas Health Institute has developed “policymaker profiles” to:

  • demonstrate the value of HIAs to decision-makers;
  • outline the process of conducting HIAs;
  • identify common characteristics of HIA champions; and,
  • provide resources on how to get started with HIA.

The HIA policymaker profile issue brief and video can be used as a reference point for various types of decison-makers, HIA practitioners or community groups who have interest in health impact assessments and want to identify and support emerging HIA champions.

Focus Areas:
  • Evidence to Action

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