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Environmental Scan of Evidence-Based Promising Practices & Strategies to Improve Vaccine Acceptance Among Racial and Ethnic Minority, Rural and other Underserved Groups

March 1, 2022

This report was created in partnership with Texas Health Institute as part of the Vaccine Equity Project funded by the CDC. The purpose of this report is to evaluate and recommend evidence-based, promising practices and strategies to improve vaccine acceptance among racial and ethnic minority, rural, and other underserved groups through the United States. Identification of available evidence, analysis of evidence strength and context, and recommendations of six strategies that can be used are presented. In the wake of COVID-19, much of what is accepted about vaccines and vaccine acceptance is currently in flux; this report indicates a snapshot of the published literature and our understanding in late 2021.

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Research Insights on Core Audiences

This report was created as part of the Vaccine Equity Project, funded by the CDC. To help guide the community outreach process and creation of culturally relevant resources and outreach strategies, Spitfire conducted research on the public conversation related to vaccines focused on three key groups: rurally located (outside of urban hubs), Native and Black Americans. The report sought to gain insights on the most effective approaches to messaging, assessing if they are culturally relevant, people-centered and ultimately resonated with the priority audiences.

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  • COVID-19
  • Evidence to Action

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