The State Innovation Model Initiative and the Healthcare Innovation Awards

Working to improve HCIA awardees’ capacity to lower healthcare costs.

Our Work

On the heels of our State Health Innovation Plan Analysis, NNPHI is working with CDC’s Division of Population Health (DPH) to support technical assistance for Health Care Innovation Awardees (HCIA).

Our goal is to improve HCIA awardees’ capacity to implement strategies that improve population health and lower health care costs. To do this, we will:

  • Identify technical assistance needs of HCIA awardees.
  • Provide technical assistance to a second round of HCIA grantees.
  • Develop and share a toolkit to support sustainable health system transformation activities among grantees and system partners.

Our Impact

Our Research and Evaluation team will contribute to a growing body of evidence supporting critical transformations in healthcare financing and service delivery. Ultimately, our work will support HCIA in sustaining and creating the business case for their health care transformation efforts.

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