Open Forum for Quality Improvement and Innovation in Public Health

Building a Community of Practice for Public Health Improvement (COPPHI).

About the Open Forum for QI and Innovation in Public Health

NNPHI supports a Community of Practice for Public Health Improvement and Innovation (COPHII)—a motivated and ambitious group, passionate about excellence in public health practice. COPPHI participants analyze challenges, find and share new opportunities, and set up systems that equip the nation’s public health workforce in promoting health and well-being for all.

Our Open Forum Meeting for Quality Improvement and Innovation in Public Health (the “Open Forum”) convenes public health department leaders to explore and shape the meaning of quality and quality improvement and innovation in public health practice as part of COPPHII. The Open Forum typically includes up to 300 attendees and 95 percent or more of our participants tell us that the event is valuable to their work.

About Open Forum Programming

To build capacity among public health departments for accreditation and quality improvement activities, Open Forum programming harnesses enthusiasm for national voluntary accreditation and public health performance improvement initiatives. Open Forums focus on the most recent advances, inspirational stories, tools, and cutting edge topics in the field of public health quality improvement.

Developed in partnership with Open Forum participants, the event supports the nation’s public health workforce and public health system by:

  • Nurturing a community of practice in public health performance improvement and a national forum for connection and collaboration.
  • Broadening and deepening what we know about performance improvement at the local, state, national, and tribal levels.
  • Showcasing cutting-edge performance improvement work in public health practice.
  • Supporting momentum for and celebrating national voluntary accreditation.

Join Us

The Open Forum is open to the public. United in their passion for performance improvement, participants include representatives from health departments, public health institutes, and boards of health as well as state and national partner organizations, foundations, and researchers.

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