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About Moving Upstream

Moving Upstream works to fund a pilot program focused on implementation of already existing evidence-based public health best practices in sectors other than public health. This pilot program will focus on working with regional healthcare funding coalitions and the employers they work with to identify opportunities to address the Social Determinants of Health of their employees. Two coalitions have been selected to participate, and will bring three employers each to the program.

Our Work

Over the course of seven months, participating employers/coalitions will receive TA and expert support on analyzing their employee health data; identifying opportunities to address SDoH impacting their employees’ wellbeing; and design and implement an action plan to address one priority SDoH/area. Coalitions will receive funding in return for their time and involvement; employers will receive funding to pay for data access and analysis. The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions has been identified as the expert partner on this project.

Our Impact

The pilot will conclude in Spring 2021 with participating coalitions and employers sharing outcomes and reflections on their work and its impact on better understanding how SDoH factors impact employee wellbeing and how to influence and improve these factors.

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