Comprehensive Community Programs to Prevent ACEs and Opioid Misuse

About Comprehensive Community Programs to Prevent ACEs and Opioid Misuse

The National Network of Public Health Institutes, in partnership with the Michigan Public Health Institute and CDC, is currently implementing a project to prevent and address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), a known risk factor for opioid misuse. Selected jurisdictions for this project include Detroit, MI; Cleveland, OH, Cincinnati, OH, locations with high opioid misuse incidence that also have high-performing local health departments and robust community engagement organizations. This project will support enhanced evaluation efforts using social network analyses, which will develop a stronger understanding of key characteristics needed for successful cross-sector collaborations. Additionally, tools and resources that facilitate social norms will be identified or developed for use in community to facilitate social norms change. Using analysis of policy change and media analysis, the team will see shifts in social norms which will help communities align resources to promote primary prevention strategies that address social determinants of health, ACEs and opioid misuse.

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