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American Indian Public Health Resource Center

Mission Statement

The Mission and Purpose of the American Indian Public Health Resource Center (AIPHRC) at NDSU is to address AI public health disparities through technical assistance (TA), policy development, self-determination feasibility analyses, education, research, and programming in partnership with tribes primarily in North Dakota, the Northern Plains region and nationally.

Vision and Impact

AIPHRC's vision is engaging and partnering with tribes to improve the delivery of culturally appropriate public health services and functions in American Indian communities. The AIPHRC is enabled by a multifaceted program and team approach to assist each tribe in their service priorities. At the heart of the AIPHRC’s philosophy is respect for tribal authority, autonomy, and self-determination. The AIPHRC’s goal is to build capacity and support community driving projects by providing culturally responsive technical assistance utilizing a four-pronged approach to public health that includes public health services, research, education, and policy. The AIPHRC also provides Indigenous Evaluation training and resources for tribal nations, agencies, and government entities.

  • Convening/Partnering
  • Health Communications & Social Marketing
  • Health Equity
  • Health Policy Development, Implementation & Evaluation
  • Population-Based Health Programs
  • Research & Evaluation
Community Served:
North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota
Contact Information:
  • American Indian Public Health Resource Center
    1805 Research Park Dr., Fargo, ND 58102
  • Ryan Eagle, AIPHRC Acting Program Leader
  • (701) 231-6358

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