NNPHI Reports and Presentations

The following reports and presentations highlight the roles of NNPHI and its member institutes within the public health system.  For reports and presentations regarding specific NNPHI programs and initiatives, please visit the Program Areas and eCatalog sections of our website.


  • Local Policy Database Scan Funded by CDC through a cooperative agreement with NNPHI, this collaborative project led by Illinois Public Health Institute documented the landscape of local policy databases that support healthy communities and recommends options for the potential development of a future national database. This final report confirms a lack of any comprehensive national-level database containing local, healthy communities’ policies and proposed conditions under which such a system might be created. While the definition of healthy communities is evolving, most current policy databases do not reflect the increasing interest in quantitative analysis and policy impact, or the increasing emphasis on public health systems and social determinants of health. Recommendations include creating a forum and process for establishing standards and common criteria for policy databases, and leveraging desirable features of existing databases and tools. While existing databases might be leveraged for future replication, the current interests of practitioners and researchers may require the creation of new models. A framework for evaluating these options is proposed.

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