Health in All Policies 

NNPHI and its member public health institutes (PHIs) have extensive expertise in supporting sound decision-making and policy change at all levels, including the work they do to implement public health programs; evaluate programs and community health needs; and provide training, technical assistance, and resources to partners and communities.
NNPHI has a growing portfolio of health policy related projects with its members.  Examples include: 
  • Health Impact Assessments (HIAs): HIAs can help policymakers identify unintended health risks, reduce unnecessary costs, find practical solutions, and leverage opportunities to improve the well-being of communities. NNPHI, in collaboration with the Health Impact Project, aims to increase the availability and geographic diversity of HIA training by utilizing PHIs' geographic diversity, scientific and policy expertise, and leadership in the field of HIA to promote and support the growth of the field. 
  • Innovations in Public Health Policy Competition: This competition fostered greater awareness of policy as an intervention to support public health goals, inspired cross-agency collaboration within CDC, and leveraged NNPHI member institutes as viable partners. The initiative was supported by the Policy Research, Analysis, and Development Office (PRADO) in the Office of the Associate Director for Policy at CDC. NNPHI staff supported the process for identifying PHIs to work with CDC on the projects.
  • Agricultural Policy as a Means to Promote Health: NNPHI and its member institutes are engaged at the intersection of agriculture, food systems and health.  NNPHI is a member of the Healthy Farms, Healthy People Coalition, staffed by the Public Health Institute.  The coalition has extended issues of healthy nutrition into a broader perspective of agriculture and food systems.  With support from the CDC, NNPHI selected nonprofit organizations to conduct policy research and analysis projects at the intersection of food systems and health. NNPHI also funded seven state level meetings in the Fall of 2012 and worked with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy to provide technical assistance and information-sharing across the meetings.


To learn more about NNPHI's efforts to achieve Health in All Policies, contact Erin Marziale, Associate Director, Member Services, at .


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The 2015 National Health Impact Assessment Meeting will be held June 16-18, 2015 in Washington, DC. Visit to learn more. 

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