NNPHI supports public health accreditation and performance improvement through a variety of complimentary programs.


Community of Practice for Public Health Improvement (COPPHI)
  • COPPHI facilitates the exchange of best practices and builds capacity among the nation’s health departments to become accredited and conduct quality improvement through the provision of grants, technical assistance, and shared learning opportunities.
  • COPPHI reaches a broad range of local, state, and tribal health department representatives; researchers; public health institutes; universities; national public health organizations; funders; policymakers; and government agencies through the Open Forum for Quality Improvement in Public Health, the Kaizen Event Program, the Quality Improvement Award Program, the Gaining Ground Program, and the Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange. See below for more information on these programs.


Open Forum for Quality Improvement in Public Health (Open Forum)
  • The Open Forum facilitates the exchange of best practices, expands the community of practice, and builds capacity among public health departments for accreditation and quality improvement activities.
  • The Open Forum focuses on contemporary advances, inspirational stories, tools, and cutting edge topics in the field of quality improvement in public health.
  • It is open to the public and participants come from a broad cross-section of organizations, including health departments, public health institutes, boards of health, state and national partner organizations, foundations, researchers, and policy makers.


Gaining Ground
  • Gaining Ground is 2.5 year initiative that will catalyze accreditation and quality improvement (QI) activity across the nation. 
  • The program will provide funding and technical assistance to state teams to develop a sustainable infrastructure that will support accreditation and QI.
  • Stay tuned for more information.


Public Health Improvement Training (PHIT): Advancing Performance in Agencies, Systems and Communities
  • PHIT offers opportunities for hands-on, skill-building workshops that build participants’ knowledge, skills, and confidence in public health improvement.
  • Topics include quality improvement, performance management, national voluntary accreditation, health assessment and improvement planning.
  • Target audiences include current or potential accreditation, quality improvement and community health improvement coordinators, facilitators and other professionals from health departments and the organizations that support them, including public health institutes and national organizations.


Public Health Improvement Webinar Series
  • The Public Health Improvement Webinar Series includes free, live, quarterly webinars featuring contemporary topics in public health improvement.
  • Participants include representatives from health departments and the organizations that support them, including public health institutes and the partner organizations.
  • Content areas include: include public health accreditation, National Public Health Performance Standards, quality improvement, community health assessment and improvement planning, and performance management.
  • Learn about the upcoming Public Health Improvement webinar.


Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange (PHQIX)
  • Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange (PHQIX) is an online database of quality improvement efforts conducted by governmental public health departments across the country that provides public health practitioners with a means for obtaining knowledge from the experience of their colleagues.
  • It is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and managed by RTI International.
  • NNPHI developed the original prototype for PHQIX and now promotes its use of and manages its national advisory group.
  • Learn more about PHQIX.


Kaizen Event Program
  • The Kaizen Event Program provides selected health departments with training in quality improvement and kaizen event methodology for rapid improvement in public health.
  • Program sites will also work with a quality improvement coach to co-lead a kaizen event at the health department.
  • Access resources for selected participants.


Quality Improvement Award Program (2012-2014)
  • The Quality Improvement Award Program provided selected health departments with $5,000 awards and fifteen hours of assistance from an experienced quality improvement coach.
  • Awardees conducted a quality improvement project that results in measureable change and moved them toward accreditation.
  • Awardees also participated in a webinar series that facilitated peer learning and the exchange of best practices.
  • Learn more about the Quality Improvement Award Program.
Multi-State Learning Collaborative (2005-2011)
  • Multi-State Learning Collaborative (MLC) was a six year project managed by NNPHI and supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that ended in April 2011.
  • The MLC brought together various stakeholders, including state and local health departments, public health institutes, health care providers, and universities, in sixteen states to prepare for public health accreditation and apply quality improvement practices to achieve measurable goals.
  • Learn more about the MLC.


For more information on the Open Forum, the Quality Improvement Award Program, or the Multi-State Learning Collaborative, please contact Whitney Magendie, Program Coordinator, at .

For more information on the Kaizen Event Program, Public Health Improvement Webinar Series, or Public Health Improvement Training, please contact Lil Johnson, Program Manager, at

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