Request for Proposals: ECHO Public Health


NNPHI seeks to partner with one (1) Public Health Institute or Regional Public Health Training Center to design and implement an ECHO Public Health series. The goal of the series is to build capacity in state, local, Tribal, and territorial health departments related to operationalizing social justice, health equity, and anti-racism principles in performance improvement processes.


Project ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) is a workforce capacity-building model designed to demonopolize knowledge through increasing access to subject matter expertise and peer-to-peer experience-based learning. Originally intended for medical providers, ECHO uses video technology to connect individuals around a common goal. Through the ECHO model, learning is founded on best practice strategies and reinforced through the group processing of a current and common experience or “case.” This experience-based learning helps participants increase their capacity and professional network through engaged, relevant, and supported learning communities.

NNPHI became an ECHO Replication Partner in early 2019. Since that time, we have launched ECHO Public Health and have been leading efforts to translate the ECHO model to build workforce capacity for addressing complex and seemingly intractable public health problems. NNPHI has led several ECHO series, and has funded and trained member and partner organizations to develop and implement ECHOs. Through this opportunity, NNPHI seeks to partner with one public health institute or regional public health training center to build on the lessons learned from these series and apply them to address racism as a public health crisis.

The intended results of the initiative include:

  1. An ECHO series curriculum designed for performance improvement professionals at state, local, Tribal, and territorial health departments
  2. Increased capacity of 30-50 public health professionals to operationalize social justice, health equity, and anti-racist principles and strategies in their performance improvement work (including community health assessments and improvement plans, workforce development initiatives, quality improvement processes, program evaluations, strategic plans, etc.)
  3. Identification of opportunities for improvement, expansion, and evaluation of the ECHO Public Health model

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