Evaluation of the National Coordinating Center for Public Health Training (NCCPHT)

Complementing and supporting the work of regional public health training centers by facilitating new and existing evaluations.

About Our Evaluation of the National Coordinating Center for Public Health Training

As part of a team of NNPHI staff serving as the NCCPHT, our in-house Evaluation Team’s goal is to design a national level evaluation that complements and supports work at the regional public training centers (RPHTCs) by:

  • Spearheading and coordinating the development and standardization of regional RPHTC evaluation framework and tools.
  • Designing and implementing an evaluation to assess the impact of the public health training center model on public health workforce competencies.

Our Work

Using a mixed-methods approach grounded in collective impact theory, our team will measure performance and assess the progress of RPHTCs at both the national and regional level.

Our evaluation methodology will build on developmental, formative and summative evaluation approaches to understand factors influencing project uptake and functioning at each RPHTC and collectively across all sites.

Working with an Evaluation and Needs Assessment Workgroup that includes representatives from all ten regional RPHTCs, our research and evaluation team is also supporting a national level needs assessment, including a protocol that builds on the work in progress at the regional level.

Our Impact

Our evaluation will build evidence for the utility of collective impact approaches in the development of public health training. We will also identify critical gaps that will be readily addressed by the RPHTC network.

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For more information, please contact us at training@nnphi.org.

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