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  • phPIN Webinar: Adapting In-Person Performance and QI Trainings for a Virtual Environment

    This is the archived resource for the August phPIN webinar with DeMatt Harkins from the Mississippi State Department of Health. In this webinar, the presenter discusses his process for transitioning an established in-person training to an interactive virtual experience. The discussion allowed for attendees to ask questions and share their experiences related to challenges and […]

  • A Guidebook for Developing Public Health Communities of Practice

    Within recent decades, leaders across different sectors have turned to social learning models to foster the innovation and collaboration needed to tackle some of the largest challenges in their fields. One of the most well-known models is the Community of Practice (CoP). This model assists professionals engaged in a discipline, field, or area of practice […]

  • phPIN Webinar: Advancing Performance Improvement in the Age of COVID-19

    This is the archived resource for the June phPIN webinar with Ken Komatsu from the Arizona Department of Health Services and Nicole Morley from the Indiana State Department of Health. This webinar was held in partnership with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, and moderated by Heidi Westermann, who’s their Director of Public […]

  • phPIN Webinar: A Conversation on Accreditation with PHAB

    This is the archived resource for the May phPIN webinar with David Stone, Robin Wilcox, and Chelsea Saari from the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). The webinar provided updates on what’s new at PHAB, including resources, trainings, and other information. We discussed the connection between accreditation/national standards and health departments’ COVID-19 response activities and capabilities.

  • Bringing Project ECHO to Public Health

    In this one-pager, the National Network of Public Health Institutes provides an overview of the Project ECHO® model and highlights some of the ways that it is being adapted for public health. This resource is designed to be used by NNPHI members and partners to “make the case” for using Project ECHO as a key […]

  • Results and recommendations from a national public health workforce development systems assessment conducted in the United States

    Authors: Christina Welter, Betty Bekemeier, and Jennifer McKeever This article is published in the journal, Pedagogy in Health Promotion. Multiple public health workforce development assessments report individual worker knowledge and skill-based training needs. These assessments do not capture practitioners’ in-depth perceptions of complex public health challenges and whether workforce development approaches address these issues. To […]

  • phPIN Webinar: Building a Performance Management System to Strengthen Quality Improvement

    This is the archived resource for the February phPIN webinar with Whitney Litzner and Maria Swiakowski from the Macomb County Health Department in Michigan. Public Health has been measuring performance for years, with the help of tools from the Public Health Foundation, CDC and local Public Health Institutes. However, measures at local health departments are […]

  • phPIN Webinar: Tangible and Actionable Strategies to Address Internal Health Equity

    This is the archived resource for the January phPIN webinar with Shanya Turner from the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County. Public health leaders and practitioners have increasingly placed value and focus on improving health equity among the populations they serve. Yet fewer organizations have taken steps to address health equity internally within organizations, […]

  • phPIN webinar: Mapping Your Way to a Healthier Community: Developing, Implementing, and Assessing Community Health Assessments and Improvement Plans

    This is the archived resource for the November phPIN webinar with Bryn Manzella from Jefferson County Department of Health, Alabama. View recording here. Mapping Your Way to a Healthier Community: Developing, Implementing, and Assessing Community Health Assessments and Improvement Plans Community Health Assessments and Community Improvement Plans (CHA/CHIP) can be intimidating but also rewarding projects. […]

  • phPIN Webinar: Everyday Wellness for Public Health Workers

    This is the recording for the October 28 phPIN webinar with Stacey B. Plichta, ScD, CPH on October 28 at 1 pm CT. Public Health administration is a stressful job, and managing that stress is one of the keys to remaining successful and engaged at work.  Public health agencies that promote self-care for their staff […]

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