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  • When Opportunities Converge: Deena Mosbarger’s #PHITinSix story

    This is the final blog of our four-part #PHITinSix series, where we highlight an attendee of our 2016 Public Health Improvement Training (PHIT) each week. This week, meet Deena Mosbarger. Deena is the Human Resources and Special Projects Director at the Clay and Effingham County Health Departments. Deena’s Story Change is never easy. Following the departure of […]

  • The Long Road to Accreditation: Amy Campbell’s #PHITinSix

    This is Part Three of our four-part #PHITinSix series, in which we highlight an attendee of our 2016 Public Health Improvement Training (PHIT) each week. This week, meet Amy Campbell. Amy is the Director of Community Health Promotion & Planning and the Accreditation Coordinator at the Carroll County General Health District. Amy’s Story I work at […]

  • Connecting Pictionary and Public Health Improvement Training: Christina Perea’s #PHITinSix

    This is Part One in the four-part weekly #PHITinSix series, spotlighting attendees of our 2016 Public Health Improvement Training.  This week, meet Christina Perea, an Accreditation Coordinator at the New Mexico Department of Health-Office of Policy and Accountability. Christina’s Story Why did my organization attend PHIT? Our department is currently in Phase 3 of the Quality Improvement […]

  • Four Presentations from the 2016 NNPHI Annual Conference: Making the NNPHI “Refrigerator Door Collage”

    A confession: we’re a little sentimental, here at NNPHI. Sentimentality is hard to avoid when we consider that 2017 marks the 16th year of the NNPHI Annual Conference; that’s sixteen years of trial and error, community building and, most importantly, the advancement of public health. One might even say that we feel like proud mothers gushing […]

  • Our Public Health Network Continues to Lift Up Humanity

    The 2016 election cycle reminds us just how contentious democratic processes can be, and historians and political scientists will study November’s election for years to come. Moving into 2017 and beyond, we will have to navigate the challenges related to the new administration’s plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, to diverge from […]

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