Project ECHO Immersion Training


National Network of Public Health Institutes

Inspired by the way clinicians learn from medical rounds during residencies, the Project ECHO Model has evolved into a learning framework that applies across disciplines for sustainable and profound change. In Project ECHO for Public Health, participants engage in a virtual community with their peers where they share support, guidance, and feedback. During an ECHO session, participants present real case experiences to subject matter experts—and each other—for discussion and recommendations. Participants learn from one another, as knowledge is applied and refined through a local lens. This knowledge-sharing model brings together practitioners from multiple focus areas for a robust, holistic approach to improve community health.

The National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) is pleased to offer Project ECHO Immersion Training for those interested in developing and leading ECHO programs for the public health workforce. The Immersion Training is designed to position new organizations and institutes as Project ECHO hub sites, allowing you to use the ECHO model in adhereance to the guidelines and regulations set by the Project ECHO Institute.

The training takes place using Zoom video conferencing over three half-days and is intended both for those new to Project ECHO and those who want additional training in using the ECHO model for public health. Sessions will guide participants through the fundamentals of Project ECHO, considerations for building out your organization’s ECHO programming, and planning your first ECHO series

Please email with any questions about Project ECHO or NNPHI’s Immersion Training.

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