New Frameworks for Workforce Development: Translating the Project ECHO Model (in the age of Covid-19)


The 2020 NNPHI Annual Conference Pre-Conference session is going virtual! Join us for a discussion on how the ECHO model is used in public health.

The full agenda is in development and will be shared as soon as possible. If you have ideas about how to make the most of our time, and/or if you are interested in presenting your work, please contact Meghan Wolfe (

NNPHI became a Project ECHO Replication Partner in early 2019, and has been leading efforts to implement the ECHO model in public health, supporting professionals in their efforts to address complex and seemingly intractable public health problems. Several NNPHI members are also using or exploring the use of ECHO as a workforce development model to help practitioners build skills and knowledge, while also working through real-time problems/challenges together.

The potential we see is not just in the ECHO model itself, but in the values and ideas that underpin it, including service to our vulnerable community members, trust and respect, and “all teach-all learn” approaches that value the experiences and contributions of the learners themselves. These are themes we see across learning opportunities developed throughout the NNPHI Network.

If we want to transform how the workforce approaches public health work, then we have to transform the way we are supporting them to do public health work. This pre-conference session seeks to: 1) Learn from members and partners who are implementing the ECHO model for public health audiences; 2) Explore opportunities for the NNPHI Network to lead and expand the use of Project ECHO in the public health workforce development space; and 3) Initiate a process to move forward together and continuing the discussion beyond this virtual session.

**The full 2020 NNPHI Annual Conference has been postponed**

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