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New Orleans, LA

National Network of Public Health Institutes

About NNPHI Annual

As we continue our important multi-sector efforts in 2017, we can anticipate challenges and opportunities on the horizon.  The National Network of Public Health Institutes remains committed to our collective journey and continues to support institute members and partners as we sharpen our education and advocacy activities.

We invite you to be a part of this journey with us at the 2017 NNPHI Annual Conference, May 17-19, in New Orleans.  This year’s theme, “Navigating Uncertainty, Spanning Boundaries, Improving Health,” reflects on the challenges and uncertainty ahead, but also reminds us that we must unite across sectors to continue working for the improvement of population health.  This conference will be a space for public health practitioners and partners to connect, collaborate, and make plans for action.

Why should you attend NNPHI’s annual conference?

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what past conference attendees have to say:

“Learning about the work of public health institutes around the country, the issues they face, and the emerging trends in public health is invaluable.”

“I can’t stress enough how much this conference facilitates my networking. All someone has to do is sit down next to you at breakfast and the next thing you know, you’re exchanging cards and mapping out how you’ll connect post-conference.”

About Registration

The final registration deadline was Wednesday, April 21, 2017.

About 2017 Abstract Submissions

The abstract submission deadline was 11:59 PM PT Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

NNPHI Annual Conference Abstract Types

1) Poster Session Format
2) Breakfast Roundtable Discussion Format
3) Breakout Session Format

Topics of Interest

Priority will be given to presentations that focus on innovative topics in public health and among public health institutes that promote the theme, Navigating Uncertainty, Spanning Boundaries, Improving Health. Priority will also be given to presentations that focus on one of the topics of interest listed below.

Behavioral Health: Share innovative strategies for collaboration among public health and behavioral health, exploring barriers and disparities to care, and strategies for addressing the opioid crisis.

Community Readiness for Climate Change: Share strategies for mitigating the effects of climate change and preparing communities for addressing the potential impacts for their unique geography. Abstracts that highlight partnerships and leadership opportunities on the local, state and national level are strongly encouraged. Training opportunities are also encouraged.

A Cross-Sector Workforce that Creates Health: Discuss the workforce pipeline (i.e., the governmental public health workforce and the workforce in other sectors/fields that impacts health), workforce policies, enumeration studies, credentialing, cross-training, continuing education, innovations in training and technical assistance, and evaluation of workforce initiatives. Abstracts from the Regional Public Health Training Centers and their Local Performance Sites are especially encouraged for this topic.

Achieving the Triple AIM: Share innovative strategies, tools, projects or models for planning and operationalizing health system transformation to support the “triple aim” of: reducing costs, improving the experience of care and improving population health. NNPHI encourages abstracts showcasing the role of public health institutes and other organizations working with hospitals and healthcare systems, payers and other partners to address states’ biggest health challenges and cost drivers, e.g. through the CMMI Health Care Innovation Challenge Awards (HCIA) or State Innovation Models (SIM). Examples of creating linkages across systems among multiple partners (such as among primary care, behavioral health, clinics and/or hospitals and governmental public health), fostering community engagement around the social determinants of health, and offering technical assistance are also strongly encouraged.

Health in All Policies: Discuss the leadership opportunities to advance health in all policies on the local, state and federal levels. Creative approaches to resourcing and investing in HiAP are strongly encouraged as well as innovative partnerships and strategies.

What’s on the Horizon: Other topics that are considered “on the horizon” are encouraged.

For more information, please contact us at or visit the NNPHI Annual Conference page.

Help Us Spread the Word

We are pleased to introduce the first ever 2017 Annual Conference communications toolkit. This toolkit will serve as a guide for dissemination of information about the conference using your active social channels and email listservs. The kit includes email correspondence, social media guidance, a newsletter submission copy, and all accompanying media images. Please use the attached toolkit and suggested timelines to promote the event and share the toolkit with your partners! Download the toolkit »

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