Benefits of NNPHI Membership

Membership benefits extend to all staff of public health institutes. To learn more about becoming a member of NNPHI, please contact Erin Marziale, Director, Network Engagement, at .

Annual Educational Conference

This three-day conference attracts leaders from federal agencies, private nonprofits, foundations, and academia. Current and emerging health issues are engaged and highlighted in formal sessions, round-tables, breakout sessions, and social events. Members of NNPHI receive a discount on registration fees for the Annual Conference.   

Educational Teleconferences

NNPHI hosts monthly, members-only webinars covering a range of topics, from developing institute competencies to building multi-sector relationships.  Speakers consist of senior staff from NNPHI member organizations and outside experts. NNPHI also hosts a open webinars related to its various program areas. View the Events Calendar for upcoming teleconferences. 

Engaging National Partners to Support Members

NNPHI speaks on behalf of its membership with national partners in public health and other key sectors to promote public health institutes and their capacities that enhance the public health system.  NNPHI represents our members at meetings of a range of national partners, including APHAASTHO, and NACCHO.  NNPHI also represents our members on national committees and workgroups, such as the National Accreditation Coalition.  NNPHI also visits with federal agencies such as CDC and HRSA to promote the work of the institutes and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Funding Opportunities

NNPHI’s Funding Opportunities page posts funding opportunities available to members from NNPHI, member institutes, and national partners. NNPHI also frequently solicits member feedback to inform future funding opportunities.

Interest Groups and Workgroups

NNPHI staff facilitate standing and ad hoc committees and workgroups to address varied interests of the membership, including current and emerging health issue areas and member competency development. Committees and workgroups are determined by the NNPHI's board and membership. NNPHI members are engaged to participate based on their individual competencies and interests.  

Publications Highlighting Member Work and Impact

NNPHI publishes reports on its members' work and impact on the public's health. For reports and presentations regarding specific NNPHI programs and initiatives, visit the Program Areas and eCatalog sections of our website. NNPHI, its member institutes, and national partners also disseminate press releases on a broad range of public health topics. Visit our archived press release page to learn more.

Technical Assistance

NNPHI provides ongoing technical assistance and support to all members in the form of online resources, one-on-one consultations, and connections to other members . Staff are available to provide members with access to administrative, fiscal, and program management examples and connect members with colleagues in the network who may have additional resources.  NNPHI also fosters sharing among member organizations of PHI competencies (eg, health information technology and communications) and health issue areas (eg, physical activity and health reform).  

Website Resources

NNPHI’s website features links to NNPHI members across the country, a searchable online public health file library, and NNPHI publications. NNPHI's Career Opportunities page publicizes career opportunities at our member institutes and partner organizations. 

NNPHI offers member institutes, public health practitioners, government agencies, and other stakeholders a range of valuable public health tools and resources. The eCatalog is a searchable database for all resources and tools related to NNPHI and its programs. Here you will find program-specific files, member documents, and NNPHI publications. The Public Health Performance Improvement Toolkit is a collection of tools, trainings, and related resources that have been developed by public health practitioners through their work in public health improvement and in preparation for national voluntary accreditation. 

Weekly Top 5 and Newsletter

NNPHI's CEO sends a weekly Top 5 announcement to members only sharing high-priority funding opportunities, member announcements, networking opportunities, and other public health news.

NNPHI also publishes quarterly newsletters to bring members the latest information on federal, state/local events, emerging public health issues, trends in public health practice, training announcements, and funding opportunities. NNPHI members and partners submit content.  View archived editions and sign up to receive the newsletter.


 New Benefits Matrix and Description Available!

For the 2015-2016 NNPHI member dues drive, NNPHI has prepared a new member benefits matrix and description.  The packet is designed to help every NNPHI member understand all of the resources and services available to their organization.   This packet will also help aspiring members understand the benefits of joining NNPHI and what services are available for each category of membership.  Click here to review the new benefits matrix and description! 

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